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Another way this error can arise is if one of your BibTeX entries has no year. (From Josh Porter's answer)

This is true, but due to the mismatch between package and your settings, instead of a bug of , which uses its own bibliography styles (even though supports the original bibtex styles but not completely).

intends to offer better author-year citations. If using , you should choose , or . For example,

Here is not necessary, which makes it look close to APA style. If you want use IEEE-like style, you could use .

However, if you use , , , etc., it implies you use the default bibtex styles, you should comment package; otherwise, you would meet the problems if your bib files contain entries without author/year information.

Either way should solve your problem. This also brothers me for a long time, due to many incorrect examples in blogs.


At the beginning I used

and I really like the author-year notation. The result looks fine, but it's English and this time my seminar thesis is written in german. Within the text and the bibliography I need to change the conjunction "and" into "und", and substitute some more vocab like "pages, volume" etc.

There were some suggestions to this issue and the most promising is:

I only need two implementations:

  • a cite-version "Smith et al. (2000)" in running text
  • and a citep-version "(Smith et al., 2000)" in parathesis

At the moment the apacite-solution alternative citet doesnt work for me, so all my \cite-refs are missing (questions marks within my text).

Another small but important issue are two options for the \citep

  • \citep[zitiert nach:][S. 6]{sedlacek2011economics}

Doesn't work anymore. On the other hand a minimal example works very well for me:

My main-file blg. report doesn't list any mistakes. I still try to figure out the MWE/mainfile difference ..

Thank you


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