Not Ray Lewis Halloween Speech Homework

Can anyone believe that it is almost Thanksgiving?! I know that this time of year, you are most likely slammed with IEPs, progress report, meetings and counting down the days until Thanksgiving break! Therapy planning, especially Thanksgiving themed therapy, is probably the last ‘to do’ on your list, right?

As always, my goal is to help make your life a little easier. So, I have a fun Thanksgiving activity that can address any speech and language goal. That way, you don’t have to plan different activities for each of your groups!

I have included ideas on how to address a few articulation and language goals, but in reality, you can use this game to address any goal. Specifically, I added ideas for articulation, categories, compare & contrast, describing, past tense verbs, plurals and prepositions which are all on page 4 of the FREE THANKSGIVING DOWNLOAD.

Thanksgiving Game Set Up

All you have to do is print out the FREE THANKSGIVING DOWNLOAD (above) so that each student gets one turkey and one of each color feather. Print out one copy of pages 2 and 4. Laminate and cut out the turkeys and feathers from pages 1 & 3.

Thanksgiving Game Directions

Spread out the feathers on the table. Give each student one turkey. Have students take turns spinning the turkey spinner.  Use a paperclip and pencil as your spinner. Once students spin a certain color feather, they have to complete the corresponding task from page 4 (or make up your own task). If they correctly complete the task, students get to add that color feather to their turkey.  The first student to get all seven feathers, wins!

Do you need more ideas for Thanksgiving therapy?  Check out these fun Thanksgiving materials for speech and language goals! What are your plans for Thanksgiving themed therapy?

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